About Foresight

Foresight is our look into the future. A fast changing world makes predictions increasingly difficult. The dynamics of future events crucially depends on a large set of intertwined factors, from technological innovation to demographic growth, from income distribution to climate change. What will our future look like in the forthcoming decades?

Foresight is the synthesis of knowledge produced by CMCC and its partner organizations. At CMCC, research focuses on climate change. However, to predict the future climate and its impacts on the environment, economic growth and society, it is crucial to predict the world of the future, the driving factors of its transformations, and the outcomes of many rapid changes, not only the climatic ones. We are therefore making all efforts to understand how all components of our society, economy and planet will evolve in the coming decades.

Foresight is a forum for ideas and solutions to address future challenges. When dealing with the effects climate change, we need technologies to enhance agriculture productivity, to make water and energy available to a growing population, and accurate information to prevent natural disaster and extreme events. When dealing with the causes of climate change, we need a new energy system, a cultural transformation in consumption, and different cities with sustainable transport systems. These are just examples of stories that you will find in Foresight.

Foresight is a bridge between science and policy, between the academic world and the large public, between global and local problems. With simple words, it brings outstanding research into the hands of all those who want to understand and manage the transformations of our society.

Foresight covers a large range of topics. We focus on oceans, pollution and health, transports and energy, migrations and climate change, distribution of natural resources and income, policy, art and communication.

Published by the CMCC Foundation – a research center that develops models and predictions to study the interaction between changes in the climate system and social, economic and environmental changes – Foresight is an observatory on tomorrow, a digital magazine that collects ideas, interviews, articles, art performances, and multimedia to tell the stories of the future.