A series of dialogues involving international experts, writers, artists, journalists, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs to discuss the role of communication in accelerating the climate transition.

Discover and join the forthcoming Foresight Dialogues, the webinar series for the CMCC Climate Change Communication Award “Rebecca Ballestra”.

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Scientists and journalists unite: the teamwork of climate change communication

Reporters, scientists, data visualization designers: public awareness of climate change calls for close collaboration among many skills, disciplines and knowledge. A dialogue between Sarah Kaplan, climate reporter at the Washington Post, and Anna Pirani, senior research associate on climate risk and transformative adaptation strategies with CMCC and IPCC author, to share experiences and points of view of climate change reporting.

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Talking about climate change in a way that makes a difference

Climate change has trespassed the boundaries of science. It has exited academic buildings and entered parliaments, newsrooms, and the everyday life of each of us. As climate awareness rises among policy makers and common citizens alike, one of the biggest challenges is to turn it into rapid and concrete actions. How can communication assist in this process?