Climate Change and photography

How is climate change changing lives? How photography as a medium can improve and innovate climate change communication and contribute to the climate transition?

Ed Kashi has been at the forefront of new approaches to visual storytelling for 40 years, documenting many of the social and geopolitical issues that define our times. His work has contributed to the success of @EverydayClimateChange.

The critically acclaimed, award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker joined in dialogue with the outstanding science and data journalist Elisabetta Tola and embarked the public on a journey around the world through his images.

Overdramatization makes the story more powerful, sexier, stronger, or more devastating. I always try to be more sober-minded. I never want to be boring, but I’d rather be boring and accurate than sensational and mislead people.

Ed Kashi – Photographer and Storyteller

How important it is also to show that we can do something about it! That is how you inspire people, especially our youth. That’s how we inspire them to get involved, to be engaged.

Ed Kashi – Photographer and Storyteller

The live streaming event was part of the series Seeds. Words that feed the future for the CMCC Climate Change Communication Award “Rebecca Ballestra”.


Night firefighters. Original public domain image from Flickr

Analyzing the blaze: climate change and the perfect conditions for wildfires

A spark is not enough to burn a forest. A combination of elements contribute to fuel a wildfire, including weather, climate, and landscape conditions. Valentina Bacciu, researcher at CNR-IBE and CMCC, provides valuable insights into the complex world of wildfires.


Don’t spell it out: Reading about the planet we are heading towards

A mixture of utopias, dystopias, crystal-clear realism and factual reporting: if you don’t find the word ‘climate’ in some titles, you will meet it between the pages, as one of the characters shaping the future. This is Foresight’s selection of books and articles – some recent, some old – to look at the world through the lens of climate change and understand the planet we are heading towards.


Climate is made of weather

A history of how science provides climate variability forecasting on seasonal and multi-annual time scales, thus delivering essential information to various economic sectors and reducing future uncertainties due to climate change. A tale of how the Italian scientific community produces actionable knowledge for decision-makers worldwide and how the CMCC Foundation gained recognition as a Global Producing Centre for Long-Range Forecasts by the World Meteorological Organization.